D&H offering ALSO Cloud Marketplace

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US-based distributor D&H is now offering its channel partners access to ALSO Cloud Marketplace, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution. Resellers can use it to provide their customers with customised IT infrastructure and software on demand for their workplaces. This new strategic partnership in one of the world’s largest markets sends an important signal regarding ALSO’s expansion plans in North America.

D&H, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is one of the largest distributors in the USA with annual sales of around US$4 billion.

Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO at ALSO Holding AG, said: “The partnership addresses a market of about 75 million small and midrange businesses and is a significant milestone in our endeavour to gain a sustainable foothold in one of the world’s largest and most influential markets.”

“The agreement is also an important confirmation of the performance of our PaaS solution, with which our partners can successfully develop their business models further in the direction of consumptional business. We already manage around 2.3 million IT seats via our ALSO Cloud Marketplace, but the potential is nowhere near exhausted. Our aim is to manage ten million IT workplaces in up to 80 countries,” he added.

IT infrastructure, software and devices for every workplace can be booked and managed on demand via the PaaS solution developed by ALSO, offering benefits to strategic partners such as D&H. They no longer need to invest in tools of their own to map their as-a-service business. Instead they can concentrate on setting up more seats and monetising them jointly with their customers.

In addition, the marketplace and its portfolio will always be kept up to date. The PaaS solution also enables resellers to realign their business models. At no great expense they can customise, manage and develop their customers’ IT seats without needing to set up an infrastructure of their own.

Jason Bystrak, D&H’s VP of cloud, said: “We’ve paid close attention to how our VAR and MSP partners do business, asking them what elements would help expedite their migration toward a more lucrative managed and cloud services model. ALSO’s transactional interface addresses many of the needs those partners outlined. The platform allows MSPs to deliver a range of both hosted services and hardware through a streamlined, simple-to-execute, and customised transactional system.”

The new strategic partnership with D&H is one of a whole range of partnerships that ALSO has concluded around the world over the past four years. They include collaboration with Treolan, an IT distributor in Russia, and partnerships with Bezeq International and Intcomex, who are placing the ALSO Cloud Marketplace at the disposal of their partners in Israel, South America and the Caribbean.

Innovix Distribution offers ALSO Cloud Marketplace to its channel customers in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, while Logicom does so in Southern Europe and the Middle East. Distributor Westcoast offers the ALSO Cloud Marketplace to its customers in the UK and Ireland.