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Hire America’s Heroes (HAH) engages member corporations, community partners and supporters in industry leading educational events and activities designed to educate, promote, and facilitate best practices and success strategies in military – to – corporate employment.

Join this community of corporations large and small, transitioning service members, veterans, members of the National Guard and Reserve forces, military spouses and other community based military support organizations – all working toward one goal!  Strengthen business by adding veterans and military spouses to the workforce equation.

Hire America’s Heroes members and supporters take an active role in the operations of the organization including financial support, committee involvement, and participation on various Boards.

Hire America’s Heroes activities include:


Member Commitment

Hire America’s Heroes Members are core to the effectiveness of the organization. Member contributions support the core functions of the organization, including personnel, marketing and promotion, and other essential functions. Members take a leadership role in the organization, guide strategy, and ensure the ongoing success of the effort.

Hire America’s Heroes Members are expected to adhere to the following basic commitments:

  • Develop and maintain a company commitment to recruiting, hiring, supporting, and retaining military family members in their workforce.
  • Assure correct use of the Hire America’s Heroes logo, consistent with guidelines presented in the Brand Manual.
  • Protect the good name and positive reputation of Hire America’s Heroes in all company activities related to HAH.
  • Promote Hire America’s Heroes in association with their own veterans’ initiatives.
  • Provide Hire America’s Heroes with veteran employment metrics resulting from HAH Career Day and other event participation.
  • Actively introduce the organization to potential new members.

Provide time commitments and support for Hire America’s Heroes fund-raising efforts.

Hire America's Heroes Member Benefits
  • Eligible to serve on Board of Directors or Executive Advisory Board with National Board approval
  • Voting Membership
  • Eligible to sponsor events
  • Membership recognition on website and promotional materials
  • Sponsorship recognition both in event promotional materials and at event
Friends of Hire America's Heroes

Hire America’s Heroes Donors are also welcomed contributors to organizational support. Funds received from Friends of Hire America’s Heroes, or Donors, may be used to support core functions of the organization and/or toward specific events and programs.

Friends Benefits

  • Recognition on Hire America’s Heroes website and Annual Report
  • Invitation to multiple Hire America’s events
Legal Establishment

Domestic Nonprofit Corporation incorporated in Washington State on May 8, 2007 (UBI #602-716-391)
“Hire America’s Heroes” trademarked name established April 17, 2008 (Serial # 77/087198).
Established as a 501(c)(3) public charity effective April 6, 2007 (EIN #35-2292248)
All certifications are current.

If you have questions about the application or about being a member, please Contact Us.

Hire America's Heroes would like to thank the corporations listed below for their generous support.

For a full list of members and career options with them, see Employment with Our Members.