Job Seekers

Hire America’s Heroes works with corporations and their recruiting teams as well as with transition coordinators at military bases to ensure service members’ access to corporate opportunities. Specific benefits provided by Hire America’s Heroes’ sponsors to individual service members include access to corporate recruiters through networking events, coaching from veterans who have made the transition, tours of sponsors’ corporate campuses, and other activities that facilitate veteran access to corporate careers.

Military Job Seekers: Find Jobs Here

Hire America’s Heroes posts links to all of our Sponsor and Supporter companies who are actively seeking military candidates for their open positions. Use these links to explore currently open opportunities with our sponsoring companies: Employment with our Sponsors.

Military Job Seekers: Get Assistance Here

Hire America’s Heroes works to assist Military Job Seekers who are clear about their career aspirations with our sponsoring companies. Take these steps:

  1. Explore the links at “Find Jobs Here.” Identify those positions that interest you and that you believe you are qualified for. Narrow your list to a few—two or three at any one company—that you would like to pursue with our assistance.
  2. Tailor a copy of your resume for each position with which you want assistance. Prepare a few questions about the open position that you believe someone at Hire America’s Heroes could answer for you. Limit yourself to 3-5 questions for each position with which you want our assistance.
  3. Email with the following information:
    • The title of the position you located in your search in step 1, the company that is advertising this position, and the position reference number included in the posting
    • An attached copy of your resume, tailored for that position
    • An attached copy of your questions about the position
  4. Hire America’s Heroes will respond to your posting within 48 hours and will advise you regarding the next steps.