Job Seekers

Hire America’s Heroes works with corporations and their recruiting teams as well as with transition coordinators at military bases to ensure service members’ access to corporate opportunities. Specific benefits provided by Hire America’s Heroes’ Members to individual service members include access to corporate recruiters through networking events, coaching from veterans who have made the transition, tours of Members’ corporate campuses, and other activities that facilitate veteran access to corporate careers.

Military Job Seekers: Find Jobs Here

Hire America’s Heroes has a resume submission tool for specific career fairs and hiring initiatives. Use this link to explore currently open opportunities:  Hire America’s Heroes Career Fairs & Hiring Initiative Listings.   Job seekers may also explore Member organizations employment pages by following corporate links on the following page:  Employment with our Members.

Military Job Seekers: Get Assistance Here

Hire America’s Heroes works to assist Military Job Seekers who are clear about their career aspirations with our Member companies. Take these steps:

  1. Explore Hire America’s Heroes Career Fairs & Hiring Initiative Listings and  create a job seeker account and submit your resume. Identify those positions that interest you and that you believe you are qualified for, then use the “Apply for Job” link to make your job application.
  2. Once you have created your job seeker account and initial resume, you may also tailor additional resume’s for each event or initiative you are applying for.
  3. Email with any questions.